Beauté Beauty Beleza

Beauty and Style Beauté et Style Beleza e Estilo



Beauty enchants, seduces, inspires, touches. Artists, poets, doctors, and an entire industry (cosmetics) contribute to feed it. But, after all, what is Beauty?

Quality (property, character or virtue) of Beauty, beauty creates in us a feeling of emotion, ecstasy, admiration, charm or pleasure. For centuries Belo has charmed men and women, even going so far as to create a true cult of beauty. Being beautiful was a requirement for women. It was said, “Be beautiful and shut up.” As it was also said “Beauty does not set table”.

Social demand, Beauty is about ourselves first and foremost. If we are beautiful to others, so are we, first of all for ourselves. We see this very early in the awakening, when we meet our mirror, our most sincere counselor.